Dan’s Fish Fry Service, Inc.

Family-Owned & Operated

Guidelines for a Successful Fish Fry



People preparing carryout orders will be given written instructions as to the amounts of each meat to give in each order.  The quantities listed are based on consumption averages and we would appreciate if the amounts listed are followed.  


People working in the serving line will be given written instructions as to the amounts of each meat to place on the customer's plate.  It is very important that these quantities are followed.  Customers can have all they can eat of our meat and can obtain more from your people who are designated to serve seconds.  If more meat is given to them (than we specify) as they go through the serving line, it will only get cold before they have time to eat it.  We like our product to stay fresh and hot, so it is important that they not be given too much at one time.


If you see we are having difficulty keeping up with the cooking of the meat, it is important that you inform us immediately.  We then ask that you stop your serving line until you are sure that the customers who are eating have been given the seconds that they desire.  Once this has been achieved, you may re-start your serving line.  Most customers will not mind waiting in line before they receive their plate, but once they are seated, they can soon become disgruntled if they are not receiving all the seconds that they desire.  


We ask that those who are serving seconds on the meat to please give the customer only what they ask for.  For example, if a customer asks for just one more piece of fish, please just give them one piece, not three or four.  When this occurs, we often see meat thrown away and we want as little waste as possible.  Also, please remember that it is all you can eat during the fry only.  Please ask your servers to watch for people who may be hiding meat to take home with them.  This is not to be allowed.  


When meat is brought in from our unit to your serving line, please do not dump the fresh meat from one pan to another.  This causes breakage of the fish and creates waste.  Please switch pans and put the older meat on top of the new meat brought in so that we can insure that each customer gets the freshest meat possible.  



We like to serve our meats fresh and hot, so please do not bring in more meat than you need.  If there is not anyone in line, there is no need to have full pans of meat that will get cold.  It only takes us approximately 3-5 minutes to cook a batch of meat, so please keep that in mind as you gauge the amount of meat needed at any particular time.  


Please make sure that all workers turn in a ticket if they have eaten!  In the busyness of the evening, it is easy for them to forget to do this.  Since the number of tickets turned in determines how much we get paid, we would appreciate it if they are all asked to make sure this has been done.  

These guidelines are for your benefit as well as ours.  Happy, well-fed customers will return next time, and the least amount of waste that we have will allow us to  keep our prices lower for you.  It’s a win-win situation!


The best way to promote your fish fry is to sell pre-sale tickets.  Every time a member of your organization asks someone to buy a ticket, they are advertising your event.  We often hear from people that they didn’t attend a fish fry because they didn’t know about it.  We have found that if you have your people out in the community selling tickets, you will have a larger crowd and in turn a more successful outcome!