Fish Breaders

6 or 9 people will be needed depending on the size of the event. Breading will be done in our trailer.

Ticket Seller/Taker

1 person to sell tickets at the door. Also 1 person to take tickets at the beginning of the serving line.

Serving Line & Carryouts

1 person for each item being served. If carryout is in a separate line, 3 or 4 people will be needed to fill carryouts.

Fish Carriers

2 people to carry the food from our trailer to the serving line.

Fish & Drink Servers (Seconds)

2 or more people to walk around while people are eating and offer more food and drink to them.

Kitchen Help 

At least 3 or 4 people to work in the kitchen making more drinks, keeping serving line dishes filled, and other kitchen work.

Table Cleanup

2 or 3 people to clean tables off as people are finished eating.

People to Assist Customers

2 people to help customers find their seats (helpful for small children and the elderly).